Thursday, November 20, 2008

What do PENGUINS and ELVES Have in Common?

Hmmmm.......FUNNY FEET, I think!

And, of course you wonder . . . Why in the world would that question even occur to me? . . . . . Well, I suppose because I've been spending a LOT of time the past couple of days LOOKING at penguins and elves (stickers, that is!)

This week I've been trying to get some serious (well, not THAT kind of serious!.....actually WHIMSICAL might be a better word) cardmaking done. I wanted to make sure I have some "inventory" up on Etsy before hubby Lee and I leave for Kansas early next week to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Being a SLOW cardmaker, I've never been very good at getting a bunch of cards done at once . . . . . AND if the truth be known, I get really bored making more than one card of the same design.

But, since I was wanting to enhance the Christmas card selection in my Etsy Shop quickly, I decided that rather than to concentrate on my usual time-intensive style of cardmaking (e.g., paper piecing), I'd try something a little different and use some commercially purchased stickers.

I don't often use commercial stickers on my cards, but every now and then during my MANY trips to my local scrapbooking and craft stores, I find some commercial stickers that are SO cute, I can't resist buying them. I have a number of stickers like that, which had become almost a permanent part of my vast collection of papers and embellishments.

Nevertheless, THIS week I decided to put some of my stickers to use. . . . .and what I selected were .....You guessed it, PENGUINS and ELVES!

I guess I'm a pushover for whimsical characters, and these little guys just seemed to fit right into my Christmas Holiday theme of cardmaking. So, I'm just going to post some photos of the fruits of my cardmaking "labors" these past couple of days . . . . .

WELL, I suppose that PENGUINS and ELVES have a bit more in common that funny feet . . . . .After all, they both are pretty darn CUTE, aren't they?


Leader of Men said...

The antlered penguin is very cute! Of course, most things are better with antlers.

Bridget said...

super sweet cards. have a happy thanksgiving