Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fellow Cardmakers: What do you use to seal handmade envelopes??

Happy Sunday, My Friends!

This is just a quick little Blog Entry to refer you to an article I posted this morning to another Blog for which I'm a contributor,

The article is particularly directed toward fellow cardmakers out there and is entitled "More On a Sticky Subject: Sealing Handmade Envelopes".

I hope that you can take a moment to visit THE CARD CHRONICLES Blog and share any comments you might have!

AND, once again, if you haven't already taken my POLL (upper right hand corner here on my Expressive Papers Blog), please do! Only two more days of voting!

More posts to come later today or tomorrow . .

For now, I'm off to work with hubby Lee on some fall cleanup in the yard, before we're snowed in for the winter!

Until we meet again . . . . may you all have a lovely and restful day.


Cindy said...

Hello girl! Lovely card items! I did vote and to let you know I probably will have my *tag* info up tomorrow on my blog later. :)

Cindy said...

P.S. Forgot to tell you that I like your Kenny G music.

Jan said...

Hey, Cindy!

Looking forward to reading your "Tag, I'm It!" response!

Take care.


Michelle said...

Nice blog. I voted!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for your comment, I love your blog also and your Cards are just beautiful. Would you mind if added you to my blog list?

Jan said...

Feel free, Christina! Thank you!