Monday, November 17, 2008

The Little Gift Tag that Could . . . . .

Once upon a time, in a land faraway, a little Gift Tag was born. Made from beautiful shimmery copper colored cardstock, and with a large bright glittery star on his face, this fresh new Gift Tag (We'll call him Little Tag) was SO happy to be! And he very much wanted to be able to “make a difference” in the world by adding a special touch to someone’s special gift on Christmas!

And so it was, that Little Tag was packaged up with several other Gift Tags, and they all took the long and rather arduous journey to America. At the end of their journey across the ocean, (around October) Little Tag and his other Gift Tag companions found themselves traveling even farther by land. Finally, they reached their destination.

Tired, but happy to be done traveling for a while, Little Tag and his fellow Gift Tags contentedly settled in to a lovely Christmas Holiday display inside a Novelty and Gift Shop. Nestled among other special holiday package adornments and Christmas decorations, Little Tag was anxiously looking forward to finding his way to that very special package for a very special someone at Christmastime and being able to brighten their holiday!

But, alas, although many people came through the store and glanced Little Tag''s way ( some even picked up the package he was in to get a closer look at him), no one purchased him and his fellow Gift Tags.

Christmas came and went. . . . and fewer and fewer people seemed to notice Little Tag and his companion Gift Tags. Little Tag was SO sad that he had not been able to personally brighten someone's holiday. And he wondered, “What ever will become of me?”

Soon after Christmas, Little Tag and the other Holiday gift tags, decorations and embellishments remaining in the store were jostled around a bit by the store personnel, their price tags adjusted, and then they were rearranged into an AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE display. And once again, it seemed like there was renewed activity with lots more people coming into the store and some even taking notice of Little Tag!

Then ONE DAY . . . . .A lady with long blonde hair came into the store, and walked right up to the After Christmas Sale Display. She seemed to take IMMEDIATE notice of Little Tag and the other Gift Tags. Not only did she pick up Little Tag's package and looked at him very carefully, but she actually took the package and several other Gift Tags and embellishments to the counter, bought them, and took them all home!

Little Tag was SO excited! FINALLY, he would have a chance to make a difference and add beauty and cheer to someone's life. He didn't know when or exactly how, but he was confident that it would happen.

Once home, the lady with the blonde hair carefully placed Little Tag in a comfy drawer alongside many other unique and beautiful Christmas and Holiday themed papers, tags and embellishments.

Time passed . . . . . . .

Although content and comfy in his little drawer, nestled among all the other beautiful Christmas and Holiday tags and embellishments, Little Tag wondered when the lady with the blonde hair would find a special task for him.

Then one day, toward the end of the next November, the lady opened Little Tag's drawer and pulled out the package with him and his fellow Gift Tags inside. And before he knew it, she had opened the package and taken Little Tag out! His time to make his contribution to the world had come.

Soon, Little Tag was lying out on the lady’s craft table, alongside some of the most beautiful papers he had ever seen! There was a heavyweight shimmery copper toned cardstock (wow, it looked like a near perfect match for the cardstock HE was made of!) . . . .with an equally beautiful shimmery cream color on the other side. And there was some beautiful textured Bazzill cardstock with a subtle sheen to it.

Little Tag also saw a wonderfully elegant looking envelope with a matching coppery outside and creamy inside color. There were gold tone metal brads shaped just like the glittery star on his face! And last but not least, he saw shiny gold tone metallic cord and fuzzy red fibers. What did this lady have in mind for him?

He watched (as much as he could from where he was lying on the table) and waited . . . .

Slowly but surely, the lady went to work amidst all her gathered supplies and embellishments . . . cutting and trimming the cardstock, folding and layering, punching holes and setting brads, and gluing, gluing, gluing! She was making a card!

First she folded a piece of the copper and cream cardstock into a card shape, and then decoratively edged the lower edge of the front flap with special scissors.

She cut out a text block, with the words, “Joy to the World”, chalk shaded the edges in a creamy color, and then mounted it to alternating layers of coppertone cardstock and creamy textured Bazzill. She added two shiny star-shaped brads to the text block before adhering it to the front of the card.

Then the lady tied dual lengths of goldtone coppertone cord and red eyelash fiber along the top of the card . . . “Hmmm, looking pretty nice so far,” Little Tag thought.

And then she cut out a rectangle of plain white acid-free cardstock, rounded the edges, and chalk shaded it also with a creamy yellow color. She glued the piece of white cardstock to the inside bottom of the card to provide room for a handwritten personal note.

And once again, Little Tag got a glimpse out of the corner of his eye, of the wonderfully elegant envelope in shades of copper and cream, that clearly was designed to fit this card-in-the-making like a glove!

Yikes! Bettter be paying attention!! Before he knew it . . Little Tag himself was now being glued to front of the card, and his tiny metallic string being tied to the cord/fiber along the top of the card.

“Wow! I’m no longer just a Gift Tag. . . .I’m a Christmas Holiday CARD, and very SPECIAL one at that!” Little Tag thought happily to himself.

As he finally began to relax from all the excitement, Little Tag allowed himself to enjoy the feel of the rich and smooth cardstock on his back, and noticed how perfectly the matching envelope fit his new card shape when the lady tried it on him.

“Life is good,” Little Tag thought to himself, knowing that the lady had helped him achieve his goal to make a difference in the world. Now all he had to do was wait . . . .he knew he would soon be able to help make someone’s Christmas Holiday even more special.

Little Tag now knew for sure that he was The Little Gift Tag that Could . . . . .become a Card.


Lazy Bone said...

Very cute story!

CarrieMillen said...

Very clever story and really cute cards!

Lisa said...

I loved that story.! I'm thinking that should be an animated Christmas book, with the tag inside Ü .
The card looks great.!

AngelHeartBeads said...

Very awesome story! I love that. You really made me feel like I was part of the story with the descriptions and pictures.

Meekiyu said...

lolol phew what a big tale of little tag.. great Christmas card! Love how little card has a new home now =D

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

That's awesome!!

Rose said...

Awww so cute! Hurray Little Tag!

Rosebud Collection said...

Happy story and very cute card/ glitter..