Wednesday, November 12, 2008

POLL Results are IN! . . .What Style/s of Handmade Christmas/Holiday Cards Do You Prefer?

For a couple of weeks, I had a POLL up on my Blog, entitled: "What Style/s of Handmade Christmas/Holiday Cards Do You Prefer?" And late last evening, this poll officially ended, so the final POLL RESULTS are IN!

The poll was structured in such a way that respondents could mark as many of the 13 multiple choice options as they wanted. There were a total of 40 people who responded to my POLL (Thank you one and all!).

I'm pleased to summarize the results here, ranked by number of votes (thus, by presumed popularity):

1. SIMPLE AND ELEGANT received the most "votes". Of the 40 respondents, 45% (18) marked this as one of their preferred styles.

2. WHIMSICAL was a fairly close second, with 15 (37%) of the 40 respondents selecting this style.

3. VINTAGE Style received the third highest number of votes (9 of 40 voters, or 22%).

From that point on, the preferred styles of handmade Christmas/Holiday cards ranked as follows:

4. RELIGIOUS and NATURE THEMED were tied, with 8 of 40 voters, or 20%, voting for each of these styles.

5. JUST PLAIN FUNNY was next, with 7 of 40 voters (17%) selecting this style.

6. ANIMAL OR PET THEMED ranked 6th, selected by 15% of the voters (6 of 40).

7. PAPER PIECED FIGURES or DESIGNS received 5 votes, with 12% of the 40 voters selecting this style of handmade card.

8. FANCY AND ELEGANT, COLLAGE, and RUBBER STAMPED IMAGES card styles each received 4 votes (with 10% of the total 40 voters selecting each of these styles).

9. INSPIRATIONAL card style received 3 votes (7% of voters).

10. OTHER (unspecified) handmade card style received 1 vote (2% of the total voters).

SO, there you have it!

I'm pleased with the level of participation in this, my very first Blog POLL, and I want to thank all of you who took the time to cast your vote and share your preferences!

From my own perspective as a designer of handmade cards, I intend to make good use of the information gleaned from this poll.

And I hope that all of you who read this . . . . .whether you be card makers or fellow card and art lovers, will also find these POLL RESULTS interesting!

Until we meet again . . . . .I think I'm going to be busy designing some new Christmas/Holiday cards!


Lazy Bone said...

Thanks for the poll! Now I know what kinds of cards to make. :)

MichellesCharmWorld said...

awww bring on the funky! heehee!!

great poll though!

Leslie said...

our etsy shop looks fantastic! You have lots of color, i love color & your designs re so cute!

Barbra said...

Great cards!!!

w said...

awww. i missed the poll. i would have gone with vintage.

convo me at least 5 days prior to your next poll so i can send in my absentee ballot.


Janet P. said...

Pretty cards, I love the tree and reindeer!