Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm just a LITTLE BORED with Cardmaking Right Now . . .

Yes, it happens now and then . . . . . .I get just a little bored with my cardmaking and feel the need to do some other "crafty" things for a change!

Guess this is one of those times.

As I was sorting through my Halloween -themed items recently, thinking about doing some handmade Halloween cards, I happened upon a little paper pieced witch that I had made a couple of years ago.

I recall putting this little witch away, along with her cat, until some later date, when I decided what to do with them.

Funny . . . . I also recall saying to myself at the time, "I'll build a Halloween scrapbook layout around this cute little witch one day."

Well, I guess the time came!

So, even though I've felt somewhat deficient on enthusiasm lately, I started working on a scrapbook layout for this little witch. And as is often the case, once I started working on a project, I found that it kind of evolved . . . .

This is the end result of my last two day effort . . . .an 11 piece paper piecing set designed for a two 12 X 12 inch page scrapbook layout.

Despite my lack of tangible "inspiration, " I can honestly say, that I'm pleased with the way this layout came out!

Let me know what you think.

I've listed this scrapbook layout/paper piecing set on eBay, and you can view it here in more detail, if you wish.

Until we meet again. . . . . . .I wish you continued inspiration and creativity, even during those times you may feel amazingly UNinspired!


Angela said...

I love this layout!!! I have not scrapbooked in over a year and I really miss it! But, when I have time to craft, I would rather make collages than scrapbook pages. If only I had the time to craft all day!

Anonymous said...

this is really great i have never tried scrapbooking i think i will leave it up to the fantastic layout

Destiny's Creations said...

Jan, I love this layout!! It is nice to change things up for a change. I haven't had the time for scrapbooking right now although when I see pages like this I wish I had the time!

Your cards are beautiful so don't get too bored with making cards :)

Devin said...

Super cute layout.You did a awesome Job.