Monday, November 3, 2008

Handmade Card Design POLL: Whimsy and Simple Elegance are IN THE LEAD!

Good Morning, Everyone, Only 8 days left of my current POLL regarding "What Style/s of Handmade Christmas/Holiday Cards Do You Prefer?"

And, thus far, SIMPLY ELEGANT is in the lead, with 53% of the voters selecting this style (15 of 28 voters). Second is WHIMSICAL, selected by 39% of the voters (11 out of 28).

Thanks to all of you out there in Blogger Land who have already voted on this POLL! If you haven't already participated, please do take a minute to cast your vote/s! And remember, that you can select as many "favorite" handmade card styles as you like.

I think that all my fellow cardmakers will be interested in the results of this POLL, so I will be posting a summary of the final results, for everyone's review, on both this Blog, and on THE CARD CHRONICLES.

Thanks to all of you for your interest and for sharing your opinions on this topic.

Only 52 Days Until Christmas!


Lazy Bone said...

I love your cards! They have so much personality.

carmel said...


Beth Singleton said...

Your cards are so nice!

I've tagged you and you are it! See my blog for details if you want to play along.

kim* said...

i voted whimsy, it seems everyone like that.