Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Newest Cardmaking Inspiration

I have to say that I've been a little low on "inspiration" lately, as well as on motivation for my cardmaking. I suppose everyone experiences those kinds of moments in their crafting, don't you think? (Please say YES!)

When I've had creative slumps like this in the past, my tendency is first to take a break from my artistic endeavors for a bit. So I did that.

Then, if that doesn't work to generate a new creative spurt.. . . . . . .I just keep plugging along and hope to get inspired along the way. That's exactly where I found myself the past couple of days. . . .plugging along and waiting for inspiration to come my way. And here's what happened. .

I found some scraps of a lovely patterned paper that I'd used in the past to make some cards. The patterned paper was a sort of abstract floral design in shades of deep rose, pink, and grey, with bright white accents. Using my sewing machine, I stitched a couple of pieces of this patterned paper to a background of white textured Bazzill cardstock cut to size for a 5" X 7" card front, and glued this to a pre-folded cardstock base.

Still unsure of where I was heading with this card design, I took a closer look at the patterned paper, and noticed a sort of shadowy floral and leaf image in the paper. Then the idea came to me to create a hand cut paper piecing, using the design in the patterned paper as a guide.

So, with first a little sketching on the back of a piece of hot pink Bazzill cardstock, then some hand cutting, I came up with a floral and leaf design that looked somewhat like what I was seeing in the patterned paper. I added some pen outlining with a fine point white gel pen to each piece, and then some Stickles glitter glue for a bit of sparkle.

After allowing each piece to dry after the application of the Stickles glitter, I began to arrange the stem and floral leaves (or petals?) on top of the patterned paper . . . . .a card design was finally beginning to come together in my mind! First I decided that I needed more petals, then I decided that the floral design needed more glitter . . . . . .and one thing led to another. But when I was reasonably happy with the paper pieced design, I glued each piece down with one or more mini glue dots.

Searching through my current stash of already printed (on my HP color printer) text, I found a HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting that was the right size and color (rosy pink) to coordinate with my evolving card design. So, after a little more cutting, some chalk-shading, machine stitching, and some additional floral leaves/petals to embellish the new text block. . . . . this one-of-a-kind card is the final result:

Although it took a while, I think this most recent cardmaking effort helped get me through my current creative "slump," and now I'm ready to get going on some holiday cards!

Until we meet again. . . . may each of your days bring a new sense of discovery and renewed inspiration.


MichellesCharmWorld said...

oooo slump is over! that card is stunning!

jarsofheaven said...

Oh I love your work! Very nice detailing... Am going to check out your shop now :)

Cindy said...

Very nice card! It's good to see you!

Beat Black said...

your cards are all so gorgeous and have such a range, its hard to believe you could run out of inspiration too.

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

Beautiful card, love the color.
I can undertand, I have been buying supplies like crazy and then get home and just can't get into it. I am hoping today will be different!!
Good luck with your cardmaking!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and just love your work. Would you mind if I added you to my blog list?

Jan said...


I'd be honored to have my Blog added to your list! AND, I'd love to add yours to my list of Great Blogs too, if that's OK?

AdornmentsbyMilani.com said...

That is a beautiful card!