Friday, October 3, 2008

World Cardmaking Day!

Well, I had thought that the next time I'd be posting would be from the Oregon Coast while Lee and I were on vacation, BUT....I've been spurred into blogging action once again!

One of my cardmaker friends and colleagues, Pat (Cards by Patzee) reminded me that Saturday, October 4th, is "World Cardmaking Day"........and in honor of this rather auspicious event, Pat challenged some of her other cardmaker friends and me to post or do something special related to our mutual interest of cardmaking!

{Now, honestly, if I were pressed to say where or how "World Cardmaking Day" had been created, I wouldn't be able to produce a coherent answer....But, both Pat and I have seen it referenced on the Internet, so it MUST be true!}

Thus, in honor of this special day, I'm posting a card creation of my own, which I recently designed for a custom client.

As many of you know by now, I get the inspiration for my card designs from a variety of sources, not the least of which are wonderful quotes. And that is the case with this Wedding Card . . . . . .

Just in case you can't make out the text from my card photo (I'm having a little trouble with my Blogger skills right now, and can't seem to get my photo to enlarge) reads:

"May you live happy and may you love long. . . .And may each year find you smiling in the comfort of each other's arms."

As I recall, I found the Native American-inspired text for this card in one of the many catalogues that I peruse every week. It could have been on a wall plaque, a coffee mug, a card . . . .I'm not sure at this point.
But, in any case, the message struck my fancy, and I wrote it down! And since then, I've designed several wedding and anniversary cards around it.

The base of this 5" X 7" card is a pre-folded acid free plain white cardstock that I use in most of my card designs. Additional materials include two shades of aqua blue Bazzill "Bling" cardstock, and a lovely printed paper by Basic Grey with a subtle watercolor-look pattern in shades of golden cream and aqua. I've added accents to the card with round and heart shaped gold tone brads. The card is fully lined with an additional layer of plain white acid free paper on the inside.

I'll be planning to do some posting from Oregon next week, and hopefully I'll be able to share some photos of the beautiful Cannon Beach area. So, my friends and fellow bloggers, please check back now and then.

Until we meet again . . . . . . May you live happy and may you love long.


Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

that is beautiful card. GREAT blog

Meekiyu said...

that's a great quote and your card definitely matches it... I think its great for a wedding card and makes me feel fuzzy on the inside lolol....

Patzee said...

Wow, another perfect card! Everything fits together so well. Good job!

kim* said...

thats neat. im such a terrible amature card maker, its pretty cool to see an artist that makes nice cards.

Ashley said...

What a pretty card!