Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday . . . . .


Totally Timmy said...

so beautiful and peaceful..

Life With Dogs said...

I'm lost in this one Jan, great choice!

Chester said...

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm here to congratulate you on your Golden Hydrant award. I am a follower of Life with Dogs and see that you are a worthy recipient of this coveted award. ;0=)

Beautiful pictures but with scenery like that how could you have a bad picture?
I'm from PA but love the "openness" of the West.
Beautiful purple flowers too!

Congrats again!
Chester's Mom

Jan said...

Thanks for your nice comments about my photo, Totally Timmy and Life with Dogs! That was taken at Alta, UT last August . . .it's not quite that resplendent with blooming wildflowers yet this year, but it will be SOON!

And nice to meet you too, Chester's Mom. I've seen your posts often on Life with Dogs and FB, so I almost feel like I know you (and Chester) already!

Thank you also for the kind comments on my photos. I DO love the mountain scenery here in Utah and our surrounding western states!

Oz Girl said...

Absolutely beautiful! I've not been to Utah yet. Someday!

Congrats on your Gold Hydrant award (I got one too!) I just love Neil's blog, he really is crafty with the pen and the photos!

Enjoy your KS trip, and do send an email if you're ever near South Haven (right off I-35). Hubby seems to always be working, but if I'm still among the ranks of the unemployed (hence have loads of free time), I would love to meet you both! :-)

Martha Basset said...

Such a great photograph! We stopped by to say thanks for visiting our blog and congratulating us and we would like to reciprocate!
We always think the whole point of Awards is to network and are delighted to meet you.
We look forward to reading your blog.
Martha & Bailey xxx