Monday, June 29, 2009

Sharing the Love. . . . . once again!

Good Morning, My Friends and Fellow Bloggers!

It’s the beginning of a brand new week, and I can’t think of a better time to post another blog entry along the theme of Sharing the Love!

One of my fellow paper crafting friends, Rebecca over at
Scrappers Delight, recently surprised me with the Craft Diva Award for ­­­­­­­style and creativity. Now I have to say, I've never considered myself a diva, but where crafting is concerned, I'm more than happy to have that title bestowed upon me! And I’m honored to have a fellow artisan and craftsperson think highly enough of my various efforts in paper crafts and cardmaking to bestow such a nice award. Thanks so much, Rebecca!

I hope any of you who are reading this post will take a few minutes to check out Rebecca's blog and see what creative and unique designs she herself makes! (And congrats to you as well, Rebecca, for receiving the Craft Diva award!)

As a new recipient of this award, one is asked to pass it along to a few more crafty "divas" (sorry, guys, I guess that leaves you out on this one. . . but I'll make it up to my creative and crafty guy friends another time!) .

So, without further adieu, I’m happy to pass along this Craft Diva Award to the following Blogs/Bloggers, whose talent and creativity have caught my attention, particularly from an artisan/craftsperson perspective. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit their blogs and become acquainted with their work. . . .I trust that you won’t be disappointed!

Lisa at La Femmme Papier - You'll see a little art, a little crafting, a little photography, but always something creative and interesting!

EFA Artists Helping Animals Monthly Challenge Blog - More than one crafting diva is represented here, but a visit to this blog is well worth your time! You'll be amazed at the talent and creativity represented here, AND a portion of the sale proceeds from any of the artists' creations are contributed to a variety of animal charities!

Lazy Bone Creations - By her own admission, Lazy Bone "makes cards, drinks coffee, and contemplates life". I discovered Lazy Bone's blog quite some time ago, shortly after I started blogging myself. And from her blog entries, I've watched her cardmaking develop and evolve. I can honestly say that I consider her card designs to be some of the most unique and creative I've seen. Don't miss checking them out yourself!

Pondering and Paper - Also known as NYPaperCrafter on Etsy and Artfire, this talented and crafty diva is another fellow cardmaker. I discovered her blog only a short time ago, but have found it to be an enjoyable place to visit. And I love seeing all her new card designs as she posts them!

I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out the great blogs and enjoy the work of these four special Craft Divas! It's been my pleasure to "share the love" today, by passing along this award to these extremely talented and creative women.

If you like crafting yourself, and might be interested in joining a network of fellow crafters. . . .

Check out Craft Diva @
This is a free networking site, where you can get to know and share information and ideas with other crafters.

Until we meet again. . . . . May we all continue to discover our creativity within.


Holly said...

Congrats, Jan! How fun and I know well deserved. You are a grand Diva!

Cindy said...

Congratulations on getting the award!! I think your a great Diva!! You deserve it!

Jan said...

Thanks so much, Holly and Cindy!

Wow, I'd better watch out. . I think I could get used to this "craft diva" title! :)

Lazy Bone said...

Thank you so much! I'm honored!

Pondering and Paper said...

Thanks so much Jan! A very nice surprise. I'm enjoying your blog.