Friday, December 26, 2008

Yet Another SNOW Day!

Well, some of the excitement of the holidays is now over, and Lee and I are spending a quiet day here at home with our greyhounds.

I had toyed with the idea of hitting the local Hallmark Shop early today for some half-price specials on Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon . . . . . . .It's almost become one of my annual traditions to do that.

BUT, when I woke up this morning and looked out to see the driveway covered with around 8 inches of snow and more snow steadily falling, any enthusiasm I might have had for shopping quickly disappeared!

At this point, I'm content to stay home relaxing by our gas log fireplace and watch the wintery scene unfold through the windows.

I took the above photo of our front yard a few minutes ago, standing on our front porch. I think even our local birds are laying low today, staying dry in the shelter of our neighborhood spruce trees.

I'm gearing up to design some new handmade cards to put up in my Etsy Shop, although I haven't had any "inspiration" hit me quite yet. At this point, I'm not sure what kinds of cards I'll focus on. I may just pull out some of my patterned papers and see if I'm inspired by any of those. . . .sometimes that helps get me going.

OR, I might do a winter themed note card or two . . . . .This weather certainly could put me in the mood for that!

The winter scene right outside my window as I'm typing this Blog entry, looks very similar to this little notecard I created last year . . . . minus the polar bear, of course!

Well, I guess I'd better go get started on some cardmaking if I'm going to be able to take daylight photos before we lose the sun today.

Until we meet again . . . . .I hope you have a lovely day and weekend, spending time with those you love and doing the things you most enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I love your work...before I discovered glass I was heavy into rubber stamping, making cards, etc...I loved it and miss it somewhat.

Jan said...

And thank YOU,SassyGlass, for your kind comments on my cards!

I have to say that cardmaking is truly my "therapy"! I don't know what I ever did without it.

Paper Girl Productions said...

oo I love that! Yes, enjoy the scenery! I'm in a city in Canada and we have a TON of snow but its too cold to hang outside and wish I could take pics.

Beth said...

The picture you took is beautiful!

I love the polar bear card. That is wonderful!

Margeaux said...

Many of my premeditated shopping trips have been canceled due to snow this year too. But it's just as fun to stay at home and craft! Your polar bear card is adorable.