Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's a SNOW Day!

Well, for several days now, the local weathermen (and women) have been predicting major SNOW today and tomorrow, and then lighter snow flurries for Monday and Tuesday. And, at least as far as TODAY's prediction was concerned, they were right!

Lee and I went to sleep last night to the sound of a south wind rustling the fallen leaves around on the ground and up against our windows. Here in northern Utah, a south wind often portends a new cold "front" is on its way.

Sure enough, this morning we awakened to an outside temp of 30 degrees and the sight of gently falling snow. And it's been snowing ever since!

Luckily, we took the weathermen's predictions seriously this week, and did all our necessary grocery shopping and errands yesterday, so we're nicely settled in for the day.

Today, the dogs and we are content to stay warm and cozy inside, and to see the snow-covered landscape evolve as we watch through the windows.

Thank goodness Lee and I got our outside Christmas lights (a very simple display) put up last weekend, while the weather was still pretty nice. Now, we need to get busy with our inside decorations. Who knows, we may even get our Christmas tree up today! (It's an artificial tree, so all we have to do is assemble it, and decorate it.)

We're notoriously late in getting our inside decorations on display every year . . . . .in fact, some years, we've been finishing decorating our tree on Christmas Eve!

In between my daily cardmaking activities, and my soon-to-be Christmas decorating, I couldn't resist taking a few snapshots of our front and back yards so I could post some photos with a Blog entry for today. . . . . .I've missed blogging this week!

Here's what our back yard rock garden is looking like today. . . .

. . . and one of our Forsythia and Oregon Grape bushes.

Here's our wonderful Colorado Blue Spruce in the back yard (with the photo being taken from our deck). This 25+ year old tree has been home to many a blue jay, magpie, and robin family over the years.

Here's Ride, decked out in her winter coat, making her way up the stairs and back up onto the deck.

And here's Harley, waiting for the "magic" deck door to open up and let him back into the warm house!

And here's yet one more photo, this time of our front yard. . . . . .Looks like Lee and I need to get out and fill those bird feeders!

Well, now that my little Blogging interlude is over, I guess I'd better get back to "work"!

Until We Meet Again . . . . . .Wishing You a Lovely Weekend, filled with Nature's Beauty.


AnniKae said...

You and I must live in the same part of Utah! Boy did we get a Wintery Snow Storm.
I found your blog address on the etsy forum and thought that I'd stop by.
Feel free to visit my blogs at

If you stop by, be sure and say 'hi'.

Sally said...

Lovely weather you have there. Rarley snows that much here in England. Our dog always wants to go out - not come back in! I'm new to blogging- please visit

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh I'm so jealous. I would love nothing more than to live somewhere that gets coated in fluffy white snoflakes. Beautiful pictures!

Patzee said...

Jan - you make me homesick for Buffalo! I do miss the snow at Christmas time - oh well, we might get a few Flurries this weekend, but they'll all melt before they hit the ground....Pat

The Empty Envelope said...

Beautiful photos!! And adorable dogs:).

Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo wow, that's alot of snow! We have a ton of snow here too but I'm in a city in Canada and the roads right now are pure ice and brace yourself, its a chilling -47 tonite!! I swear my eyelashes fell off this afternoon!! Its soo cold!!

Jess said...

ah So not fare!!! I want some snow!
Love the photos! and your doggies are adorable!!

Do you think you could ship me some Snow?! :P

Jan said...

Hey, Jess,

I'd LOVE to ship you some snow! I wish that were possible! I'm ready for some Southern sunshine and warmth myself!