Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm in the MOOD for . . . . VALENTINE'S DAY!

VALENTINE'S DAY is "just around the corner", especially for cardmakers!

And as I've mentioned in one of my previous Blog entries, Valentine's Day is one of my very favorite events around which to design cards.

I guess I've always loved Valentine's Day . . . there's just something kind of warm and fuzzy about it. Images of hearts and flowers, cupids, angels, sweet little puppies and kittens, . . . . all go through my head when I think of Valentine's Day.

Even during those times of my life when I haven't had a "signficant other" with whom to share the more romantic aspects of Valentine's Day, I've always considered the day a time to let other special friends and family members know how much they mean to me.

I don't really know too much about the history of Valentine's Day, so I Googled it just a little while ago and found a nice descripion at this Wikipedia link:

You might find it an interesting read, particularly if you have a fondness for Valentine's Day as I do!

(No, the image on the left is NOT one of my cards; it's an image I found on Google Images here! Pretty cute, eh?)

Last week, I started focusing my cardmaking on some new Love-themed and Valentine's Day cards. I searched through all my cardmaking papers, supplies and embellishments and pulled out any and all that I could find that would work nicely along the theme.

And I looked through all my love-themed quotes and pre-printed text blocks that I've collected over the past few years. (I'm an absolute romatic at heart, and a pushover for all those romantic sayings and verses!)

Here are the new card designs that I've come up with so far! Hope you like them!

As ALWAYS, comments, observations, and yes, even musings from my Blog readers are welcome AND encouraged!

Now that I've completed a few new Valentine's Day card designs, I'm all fired up to create more, so that's going to be my focus for this upcoming week.



Lisa said...

Great article about Valentine's Day. I do love making V-day cards, knowing that they will go to someone special. I've always been a fun of that adorable GH card.! So sweet.!

lisa said...

I really like how you incorporate fiber yarn, wire and beads into your cards, very inventive!

Cindy said...

Great job on all the cards!! They are lovely. You have wonderful talent on paper products!!

BeccaRoo said...

I Love the Greyhound Kisses card!!