Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have to admit, that where technology is concerned, I've always been a slow learner. I guess you could say that I'm a bit technology-challenged!

That, plus that fact that I'm naturally cynical and somewhat distrustful of new things, has not contributed to the speed with which I've caught on to various aspects of the Internet!

Case in point: TWITTER!

I suppose I've seen the word "TWITTER" mentioned many a time among Etsy Forum threads, but I never did quite know what it was . . . .nor was I quite curious enough to investigate it.

It was only last week, while I was perusing the Etsy Greetings Blog, that I happened upon a recent article entitled, "An Introduction to Twitter".

And having a few minutes on my hands, I actually took the time to read the article. . . . lucky I did, I guess, because the article piqued my interest about TWITTER enough that I FINALLY checked it out.

So, here I am, a week or so later, having joined the TWITTER community, and finding that I'm quite enjoying myself!

I suspect that I've only scratched the surface so far, regarding what TWITTER can offer . . not only in terms of meeting new people with similar interests, but also in terms of learning new skills, social networking, and discovering new resources and marketing possibilities related to my craft.

But I'm working on learning all about it! For the past few mornings, the first thing I do after I turn on my computer, is log into TWITTER to see what's new. And I'm constantly on the lookout for old and new friends to "follow" on TWITTER, so if you're there, please let me know!

If you scroll down on the right side of my Blog, you'll see that I have a new little Twitter Button listed there entitled "Follow Me on Twitter". . . . .feel free to click and take a look.

So I guess I've finally joined the group of minions out there in Cyberspace who are All a TWITTER!

Are YOU part of the TWITTER "family"?


TheresaJ said...

Yes, I am, although like you, I'm a late comer, having only been on for about a month. I still don't get what it's really all about. Seems to me like we're all just spending time collecting friends or followers, but I don't really see the good in that. Are these people really following me or just boosting their number of friends? Sort of reminds me of when my kids first started their MySpace's and it seemed like some huge race to collect friends. Anyway, I'm not giving up, as maybe I just don't get it yet. I'll have to check out the link you posted to see if things are any clearer.

Jan said...

Thanks for your comment, TheresaJ!

I'm hoping that with time, we'll both see some benefit from Twitter.

And even if the only benefit ends up to be meeting some new people and sharing in some discussions, I guess I'll be ok with that.


Alison Du Bois said...

Hi ~ I'm new to Twitter, too, but find that I am really enjoying learning about people and finding new things to admire! Best wishes,

Lisa said...

I'm not TWITTERpated quite yet, but hopefully I will be. Good for you, for getting out there and learning new things.!

BeccaRoo said...

Aww these cards are so cute!!

I have not got Twitter yet because I would like to know what the deferens in that and Disqus is, I have that one instead. I have to agree with Theresa J about just collecting things and friends, ect.. I do not follow someone unless I plain on checking into their site and for my Followers I defiantly make it a point to go to their sights and read and see what’s up with them.