Thursday, January 8, 2009

Etsy Greetings Blog Article of the Week . . .

I've been a member of the Etsy Greetings Team for a while now, but I'm sorry to say that I haven't been as active on the team as I would have liked.

As my dear hubby would say, the "exigencies of life" sometimes get in the way of one's best laid plans!

But, as one of my personal goals for 2009, I've challenged myself to become a bit more involved in the activities of the Etsy Greetings Team.

Recently, I took the opportunity to offer up an article I had written, entitled "Envelope, Please!" as this week's Article of the Week for the Etsy Greetings Blog. I hope you can head on over to the Etsy Greetings Blog and take a read of the article and offer any comments you might have on the subject of handmade envelopes!

And while you're there, please do take a little time to check out some of the previous articles of interest as well as other Etsy Greetings Blog features, and see what fun activities the Etsy Greetings Team has going on right now. For example, a number of participating Etsy Greeting Team members are offering FREE SHIPPING on selected THANK YOU cards in their Etsy shops through January 15th!

The Etsy Greetings Blog also has periodic Blog Giveaway opportunities, so you'll want to check back now and then so as not to miss a chance to win some lovely handmade cards or other paper creations.

Also on the Etsy Greetings Blog, you can find a list of Etsy Greetings Team members and links to their respective Shops and Blogs. . . .just in case you're up for some window shopping and more blog reading!

In the meantime, I want to thank you for stopping by my Blog. I'm always honored to have new visitors and readers out there!

Until we meet again . . . may all your challenges be opportunities.

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Michelle said...

good luck keeping active with your team! I seem to have the opposite problem and am the only active one on mine! haha!