Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Featured !

I’ve been designing and creating handmade cards for quite some time, but only offering them for sale during the past six years or so.

My first selling venue was eBay. . then I discovered Etsy, and most recently I’ve expanded my sales to Art Fire as well.

Since I first started selling my handmade cards online, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with some wonderful people . . . card buyers and cardmakers alike, as well as other artisans, craftspersons, and bloggers.

Over the past few years,
I’ve connected with folks whom I never would have met, except for the Internet. And I’ve formed friendships which I’m hopeful will last a lifetime. So, I guess you could say that my passion for cardmaking, combined with the magic of the Internet, has been a life-changing experience for me.

As a card designer and craftsperson, the process of conceptualizing and creating new card designs and paper crafts is a reward in and of itself. But, another of my special joys related to crafting comes simply from knowing that other people derive pleasure from giving or receiving one of my cards or paper creations.

One of my greatest honors is to have a fellow artisan whose talent and creativity I greatly admire, give special recognition to my work. And that is exactly what happened to me recently.

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Sandi, of Sassy Glass Designs. Sandi is a talented lampwork bead and jewelry designer with whom I'd become acquainted through our respective Etsy shops and blogging activities. Her recent e-mail was an inquiry about the possibility of my creating a custom card for her nephew and his finance, who had just become engaged. I’m always excited to try my hand at creating new card designs for special occasions, and indeed, custom card orders have begun to be a large part of my cardmaking projects. So, I jumped at the chance! And I’m glad I did. . . .

Not only did the challenge of this custom project help to kindle some new inspiration for me in my cardmaking, but Sandi was pleased enough with the final card design, that she featured it on her Sassy Glass Designs Blog! Thanks SO much, Sandi, for having the confidence in me that I could create just the right card for this special occasion, AND for honoring my work by featuring it on your own Blog!

I hope you all can take a moment to read Sandi's blog post from yesterday,
to see the Congratulations on Your Engagement Card which resulted from this project. Thank you again, Sandi!

And, thank YOU all too, my friends and fellow bloggers, for visiting my blog today.

Until we meet again. . . . . .May your days warmed by friendship, both new and old.


Holly said...

Congrats, Jan! Well deserved, I'd say! And, I'm wondering...did you do the printing on that last quote? Because if you did it? You also have a professional option of being a calligrapher. That's the one thing about my cards that I wish was nicer; I wish I had an artistic hand...but while my handwriting is quite nice, it's not what I want for my cards. Hugs!

Jan said...

Thanks so much, Holly! And NO, I did not do the printing. . . wish I could claim credit, but I cannot. All my cards these days have computer-generated text. I do have quite a collection of fonts.

I used to do some calligraphy myself, but sadly, it's not nice enough for my cards.

Anonymous said...

What a great post Jan. I too, have met some wonderful people and formed some great relationships via the internet...I would wish that some day I could meet all the new friends I have made. Thanks for mentioning me and my shops and thanks again for designing such a beautiful card; it is in the mail to the lucky couple!

Lazy Bone said...

very nice. all your cards are awesome!

Carol said...

This is so me. Thanks for stating the wonders of the paper world and the internet. I too have meet so many wonderful people. We are so blessed.

Kori said...

Very Very well done. That is such awesome news! Your cards are beautiful!