Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Glimpse of Big Sky Country . . . .

Well, we're a couple of days now into our trip to the Big Sky County of Montana, and the weather so far has been gorgeous!

According to the local weathermen, from tomorrow on, it will likely be cloudy and possibly rainy, so Lee and I are making the most of the warmth and the sun while we can.

We spent yesterday and today taking scenic drives around and inside Glacier National Park.

We knew when we scheduled this trip, that parts of the Park might not be accessible this early in the year, but even so, we were hoping we'd be able to venture farther into the Park than we've been able to do.

We found out yesterday that the Going to the Sun Road that crosses Glacier National Park from east to west and goes through some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the Mountain West, is open for only 10 miles right now.

But, we went ahead and drove the road yesterday as far as we could, and were able to find some lovely views of Lake McDonald, a long and narrow fresh water lake along the western edge of the Park.

The photos that I'm posting in today's Blog entry were taken around Lake McDonald. I hope you
enjoy them!

Until we meet again. . . . May nature's beauty surround and delight you.


Anonymous said...

Truly God's country. Would you bring me some Montana agate please :)

Alaine said...

Wish I was there! Never seen snow where I live in Australia. I love your photos, set one as my backdrop.

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, beautiful!!!

Jan said...

Thanks for looking, everyone, AND for your nice comments!

Sassyglassdesigns, Wish I COULD bring back some Montana agate for you. . . I'm sure you'd make it into something quite lovely!

Lisa said...

Jan-the pictures are so wonderful and serene. It's so nice to know there are plenty of places like that left to visit and enjoy. Be safe.!

Teddyree said...

OMG Jan, these photos took my breath away, stunning reflections!

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Montana Jan!! I think I would like to live there someday. Such beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Were wonderful to look at.