Friday, April 17, 2009

On the ROAD Again!

Today heralded the beginning of another of my husband Lee's and my eagerly anticipated trips, this time to the beautiful Glacier National Park area of the great state of Montana.

We've been to this area once before several years ago, and were quite taken by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, as well as by the opportunities to view wildlife. Lee, being an avid landscape photographer, is always on the lookout (no pun intended) for new photo opps. So when we happened upon an available time share trade in the area, we jumped at it.

Lee and I took off this morning on the first leg of our road trip, from Salt Lake City, Utah to Missoula, Montana. We were both happy to get "on the road again." I've always thought there was something rather exhilarating and freeing about getting in the car and just GOING somewhere!

Over the years that Lee and I have been together, we've settled into our own comfortable routine for road trips . . . . Lee does all the driving, and I pour the coffee, get the snacks, and change the music CDs! (We both learned very early on that he had no tolerance for my driving style, nor I for his "back seat" driving, so we've become quite content with our current routine.)

Today's nine-hour drive was pleasant, although a bit windy. The scenery was varied and beautiful, and I tried to make good use of my time by catching a few snapshots (through my car window, of course!) to share with you all on my Blog. . . .

I hope you enjoy these. . . I've posted them roughly in sequence, starting with some shots of scenery in northern Utah, progressing into Idaho, and then Montana.

Lee and I do a lot of road traveling, and I have to say, we've never seen another grain elevator with a "Budweiser" motif... this was a FIRST!

The following photo, believe it or not, was taken from our 4th floor window at the motel we're staying here in Missoula this evening. The river below (I don't know the name) meanders through town and is quite beautiful. We lucked out with this view, for sure!

Tomorrow, we continue our road trip to Columbia Falls, Montana, another three or so hours from here. With Columbia Falls as our "home base" over the next few days, we will be exploring the various surrounding areas, including Glacier Park.

I hope to be able to post another Blog entry while we're on our trip, so please check back!

Until we meet again . . . . .

May the road rise to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Fantastic photos, looks like fun!

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow! It's beautiful!!! My husband is the driver too and doesn't like my style:P. I finally got to see Utah on our last trip and your home state is just beautiful!! Enjoy!

Jane said...

Hi Lee and Jan,
I'm catching up on your blog. Looks wonderful...and hope you're having a great time!!!


Lisa said...

Love the pictures.! It's been a while since I've seen snow Ü I'm certain we'll see some in a week and a half when we're there in Utah. I hope you two have a wonderful time in Montana.!