Thursday, February 26, 2009

TAGGED! Folder Number 6, Picture Number 6

Another game of TAG!

Yes, here’s yet another new game of “blog tag” that, thanks to Bethany from Malamoose and Godiva, I'm lucky enough to get to play!

The RULES of this Blog Tag Game, pure and simple, are:

Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same!

OK, so . . . simple as the rules of this tag game may sound, I have to say that they were a bit of a challenge for me!

First of all, I probably have more photos of my card creations than anything else on my computer. And all my photos of people, pets, nature, and travel are in one folder on my computer, which, I might add, does NOT happen to be the 6th picture folder!

Then there’s the fact that most of my photo folders have yet more photo folders inside (I’m a bit of an organization freak!).

And last, but not least, when I started looking through my photo folders, I found that a vast number of my photos were as yet “unprocessed” and/or duplicates of some I already had.

But, determined to do my part in this newest game of blog tag, I managed to go through all of my photo folders and clear out all my duplicates and/or unprocessed photos, and to make sure my folders were in some semblance of order before I set about selecting a photo according to the “rules” of the tag game.

So, without further adieu, the following photo is from my 6th photo folder on my computer. Although this photo is technically not the 6th photo in the folder (I have multiple views of each card I make), it IS a photo of the 6th card in the folder. (Yikes. . .Is this making any sense at all??) Oh well, here you go . . .

I made this card about a year ago, and I called it “Gold Butterfly Glitz”. I purposefully left it without an outside text message, so it could be used for a variety of occasions, leaving the choice up to the card buyer.

The base of the card is a wonderful heavyweight archival quality cardstock from Crane and Company, with a subtle texture and creamy hue. Then I used bright red textured Bazzill cardstock, shiny heavyweight goldtone cardstock, and goldtone shiny metal mesh in creating the card design. For a little added interest, I cut narrow strips of the textured Bazzill and weaved them through the goldtone mesh.

The focal point of the card is a large 3-D embellished butterfly made from metal, mesh, glass and plastic beads, and acrylic rhinestones. (This purchased embellishment was actually a Christmas ornament!)

And NOW it’s time to “tag” 6 more Bloggers, so here are my selections!

1. Lazy Bone Creations
2. Gumball Grenade
3. Magnificent Obsession
4. Cards, Collage, and Altered Art
5. The Empty Envelope

6. Pickles on Pizza

Be sure to watch these blogs to see what interesting photos our fellow bloggers come up with!


Anonymous said...

I like this tag better than the others and you picked a beautiful card.

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Very Pretty Card....

Now I'm off to get some sleep!

This blog stuff is getting to be bad for my health. It is 3:05 am



P.S. I'llhave to figure out what this tag thing is about tomorrow....I'm too tired to read now. lol (Big Yawn)

Good Night!

Anonymous said...

I've been tagged by TheresaJ and what a great much fun!
Love your work, the cards are amazing!

BeccaRoo said...

The card is Great.