Saturday, February 14, 2009


It seems like a very long time since I last blogged, when in reality, it's only been two weeks. . . .not so very long in the overall scheme of things.

BUT, Today is VALENTINE'S DAY! And what better day than this, to get back into my blogging groove and re-connect with my fellow bloggers?

It seems like I've been busy making Valentine cards for WEEKS (and I guess I have!), so it almost feels to me like Valentine's Day should have come and gone by now.

Maybe that kind of time disorientation is an "occupational hazard" of handmade card designers. There are times I'm so engrossed in making cards for specific holidays that before I know it, the holiday is nearly upon me, and I'm not ready for it.

Indeed, it was only yesterday that I realized that I didn't have a special Valentine card for my dear husband Lee, so I had to go out and buy one! (Again, it brings to mind the old saying, "The cobbler's children have no shoes.")

But at any rate, today, on VALENTINE'S DAY, I want to send a sincere wish to all of you out there in Blogger Land . . .my fellow bloggers, friends, readers, and craftspersons alike . . .for a very special day filled with love and laughter.

Whether you are spending the day with your significant other, family members, friends, beloved pets or simply in your own company engaged in activities that you enjoy, I hope you have a lovely day!



Anonymous said...

Those Valentine cards are beautiful...great job.

Randomocity said...

Lovely cards! You have a good one!

Anonymous said...

HOOOOOOO's a great card designer? Why, you! Happy Valentine's Day, Jan from Krista, Ribsy, and Mirabel

Jen S. said...

LOL, I can't believe you gave Lee a STORE BOUGHT card. Sheesh! ;)

It's OK, it's the thought that counts.

Your cards are beautiful!

Teddyree said...

Your cards are just WAY TOO CUTE!!

Patzee said...

Great collection, Jan! Hope your Valentine's day was GREAT!

Lazy Bone said...

I love the funny zebra looking one!

Malamoose said...

These are great! You've been tagged so come and check out my blog.

Anji Gallanos said...

I love that card in the middle with the 3-D heart. Wonderful work and I will have to remember "the cobblers children have no shoes.." have had family and friends ask why they have so few pieces of my jewelry. I once bought my husband the last card they had on Father's was in Spanish (we don't speak Spanish)

Jan said...

Thanks for all your kind (and clever) comments!

Anji, I especially got a kick out of your comment, in regard to buying your husband the last Father's Day card (in Spanish) one year!

And I'm so glad that you learned a new/old saying (obviously I'm a lot older than you! teehee!)