Sunday, June 12, 2011

Evening Reverie

It seems as though SPRING has been a long time in coming here to Northern Utah. But I think she has appeared at last.

I must admit that, several weeks ago, with the persistent winter chill and day after day of cloudy skies and rain (or worse!), I wasn't totally convinced that Spring would ever show her face. But, thank goodness I was wrong . . . and Spring is finally here.

Thankfully, our backyard vegetation hasn't been fooled by the unseasonably cold weather, and the Spring-flowering plants have continued to pop up through the soil undaunted, guided by their internal rhythms.

The crocuses, daffodils, tulips, and early irises have already bloomed, despite Utah's ongoing chill, snow, and rain. Their blossoms now spent, they have given way and made room for the later Spring blooming plants . . . which have also not disappointed.

As I strolled through our back yard this evening, having just finished mowing our "jungle", while the sun was beginning to lower itself in the sky, I was pleased to find a few obscure, almost hidden Spring treasures. . . .

Happy SPRING, Everyone! (It's about time, wouldn't you say?)

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