Friday, October 23, 2009

For the Birds . . . . .

I wouldn’t call myself an avid birdwatcher, but I do have a strong appreciation of all things nature, and birds are no exception.

Lee and I have a fairly large backyard, with lots of shrubs and trees, and over the years, our yard has been visited by countless birds, and home to many.

Although we don’t have a huge variety of avian wildlife here in our part of the suburbs, we do enjoy the sights and sounds of junkos, blue jays, house finches, quail, hummingbirds, mourning doves, flickers and magpies on a regular basis.

There have been many a morning that I have awakened to the cheerful chirping of robins and the melodic songs of the cute little house finches that frequent our yard. Lee and I love to hang feeders in various locations throughout our back and front yards, where we can watch bird activity year round from our deck and through our dining room and front windows.

In addition to providing real-life diversion and fun photo opportunities, birds also provide me with inspiration for my card creations. Sometimes I’ll be struck by a particular quote or play on words that lends itself well to a handmade card with a bird-related theme or paper piecing. Other times, I’ll discover some colorful and cute patterned paper at the crafts or scrapbook store that includes a bird image or theme, and I’ll be inspired to create a card around that. And yet other times, I may find an especially sweet or whimsical ready-made bird-themed embellishment that just begs to have a handmade card designed around it.

I never quite know when I first start working on a card, how the final design is going to turn out. . . so each new card design is a work in progress, until that final moment when my eye and my heart say to me, “That’s it! It’s done!” And indeed, this is the aspect of card design and cardmaking that I most enjoy. . . .this sort of free-floating aspect that allows one’s creativity to emerge and evolve.

Only recently have I realized just how many cards I’ve actually designed with a bird-related theme, and there have been quite a few! So, I thought it might be fun to share some of my previous and current card designs with you.

May I present to you, my collection of bird-themed handmade card designs, which I’m calling “ For the Birds.” I hope you like them!

Until we meet again. . . may you always keep a song in your heart.


Oz Girl said...

Jan, the detail in your cards is just amazing, you put so much of yourself into them! They are all beautiful, but I think I like the blue themed bird card.

Jan said...

Thanks so much for checking out my latest blog post, Susan, AND for your kind compliments on my cards. It's always so fun to hear from you!

Life With Dogs said...

This collection is so great Jan - whimsy in abundance and great color combinations!

Jan said...

Thank you, Mr. A! As you probably know by now, I do have a penchant for whimsy in my cards. I'm glad that others enjoy that as well. :)

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

I just got my order of cards and I have to say that the pictures do not do these cards any justice! The craftsmanship is outstanding! The attention to even the littlest of details is amazing! I am so excited to send these out to my family and friends! Christmas cannot come quick enough! Thank you Jan!!!
~Cheri & Buddy

Jan said...

Ahh, Cheri and Buddy, You absolutely MADE MY DAY! Thanks so very much! ~ ~ I'm beaming here. ~ ~ :D