Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sharing the Love . . . . .

Funny, isn’t it, how LIFE sometimes gets in the way of BLOGGING?? I’m afraid that is what’s been happening to me lately!

Ever since Lee and I got back from our Montana trip a month ago, it seems like I’ve been playing catch up, both inside and outside the house. Spring has finally sprung here in Utah, and there’s SO much yard clean up to do. . .not that I’m complaining! Indeed, I’m welcoming Spring with more than my usual enthusiasm this year, after the long cold winter we had.

And, of course, I’ve also been playing catch up on my cardmaking, as I try to get some new inventory into my Etsy and Artfire shops, and complete a few custom card orders.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time I’d like to keep up with my important blogging activities! But I’m hoping that will change, starting this week.
For the next little while at least, I hope to be able to do more regular updates to my Blog, keep more current on reading the blogs on my blog list, and continue to discover and share any new and interesting blogs that I LOVE to read!

And on that note. . . I’ll be focusing several Blog posts this week on the theme of “Sharing the Love . . . .”

Thanks to the kindness of some of my fellow Bloggers, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by over the past few months by three different Blog Awards. And now I’m happy to be able to “share the love” by passing along these awards to other blogs that I consider particularly worthy. I will be posting several blog entries this week along this Sharing the Love theme, each in regard to a different award.

The Blog Award I'd like to pass along today, is the One Lovely Blog Award, which Teddyree of Excerpts from the Edge, was kind enough to bestow on my blog. I’m honored that she considered my blog worthy of such a title! Teddyree, Thank you SO much! (I think YOUR blog is lovely too!)

And, I in turn, would like to pass this award along to the following four blogs . . . . .

Sassy Glass Designs – This great blog never fails to disappoint, with blog giveaways, featured artists, interesting articles and fun photographs. And an added fringe benefit of this blog is being able to see this talented blogger/artisan’s fabulous handmade jewelry!

Original Miniature Art of Melody Lea Lamb – I’m truly in awe of Melody’s artistic talent and her wonderful drawings of various landscape scenes and animals. Melody's deep and enduring love of nature and animals is apparent in her art. She is also a member of Art for Critters, a group of artists who donate a portion of their art sales to animal charities.

City Gal moves to OZ Land - I love visiting Oz Girl’s blog! Not only is she a talented photographer, but her posts are particularly nostalgic for me, as they bring back memories of growing up in Kansas. And sometimes I go visit just to listen to her blog music!

The Photography of Lee Everett Robinson - And last but (certainly) not least, I love my husband Lee’s photography blog! Lee rarely posts narrative, but he does post a new photo almost daily, and I think you’ll agree that his photography is exceptional. (I like his blog music TOO.)

I hope you’ll take a look at these four LOVELY blogs! And I hope that each of these deserving One Lovely Blog Award recipients will take the time to pass it along to a few others of their own choosing!

More blog awards to come later in the week, so I hope you'll check back.

Until we meet again . . . . .may your days be lovely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan...we have missed you blogging, glad you are back. Thank you so much for this beautiful award and your very kind words.

Jan said...

You're so very welcome, Sandi! The award AND the words are quite deserving.

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Thanks so much for the lovely words of support! Very much appreciated.

Carol said...

Hi Jan welcome back and glad to read more about your award. Congrats. It is so fun for people to say they are liked. Be back soon.

Lazy Bone said...

What a lovely award! Gratz to all the winners! :)